Our approved welding management system conforms to BSEN ISO3834-3 offering:

  • BSEN 287, 9606, 15614,¬†ASME IX
  • Mild Steel and Stainless Steel all grades
  • MPI, Dye Penetrant and Radiographic Non-Destructive Testing.

We have a library of welding procedures developed over our 27-year history to cover a wide range of pipe dimensions, wall thicknesses, materials and grades.

All our welding procedures and welder qualifications are third-party approved by Lloyds and/or TUV

We offer full traceability for our materials, weld history, weld maps and weld inspection regimes. Recent contracts have required a full time third party welding inspector which we accommodated.

We have in-house a Responsible welding coordinator to control all aspects of welding and records required, producing weld procedure specifications / technical reviews and inspection & test plans to meet client needs.

all the above are controlled and monitored by our BS EN ISO 3834 welding quality management system.

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