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    Case Study – Project Minwoth STW- posted on UK Water Projects

    by administrator 4th October 2017

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    Minworth STW is Severn Trent Water’s largest sewage treatment works and serves a population equivalent of 1.75 million from Birmingham with full flow to treatment of 1,070Ml/d. The works treats sludge arising from a population equivalent of 2.3 million which is made up of indigenous sludge plus imported sludge from the nearby Coleshill STW and various works in south Staffordshire and north Warwickshire. Minworth is Severn Trent Water’s largest renewable energy facility with 8MW CHP capacity and biogas to grid which produces 30% of their green energy. The Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (THP) project will further enhance renewable energy production by increasing the biogas yield.

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