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    Case Study – Project Tamar Lakes STW – posted on UK Water Projects

    by administrator 4th October 2017

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    Tamar WTW was constructed in the mid 1970s and is located on the Cornwall/Devon border near Bude/Kilkhampton. Raw water is transferred to site by gravity pipework from Upper Tamer Lakes Reservoir. The works has a maximum output of 9.0 Ml/d and treated water is pumped by 2 (No.) sets of on-site high lift pumps to Welcombe and Hersham Service Reservoirs (SR). Tamar WTW is a critical asset serving 9,420 properties with a connected population of 21,666, of which approximately 10,000 have no alternative supply route. Hersham SR (9.35Ml capacity) can be supplied from Tamar and Northcombe WTW, but Welcombe SR (4Ml capacity) is supplied solely from Tamar WTW. Key customers supplied only by Tamar WTW include Park Resorts Ltd at Bideford Bay. The project evolved to cater for improvements to overall water quality, improvements to the manganese removal process, improvements to the existing rapid gravity filters (RGF) and essential capital maintenance items.

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